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Nighthawks Design Studio is a small website design and SEO company, based in Jaipur, India. We believe in organic search engine optimization, and strictly follow "Google SEO Guidelines" at every stage e.g. in design, development and SEO.

Our services are limited to

Natural Stone Industry

We only serve a few specific industries, primarily the natural stone industry. Organic SEO needs too much research, patients, resources, fresh original text content, and deep knowledge about the industry you are going to serve. Thus we have limited our services to the stone, handicraft and silver jewellery industry.
Please read more about our ethics here before you hire us.

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We Do More Than Just SEO!

We design Simple websites that bring business to our clients


We develop mobile-friendly websites with Google UX Design guidelines. We focus on user needs that bring more business to our clients.

Search Engine
Optimization (SEO)

Natural friendship never ends. Similarly, organic search engine optimization remains long-lasting. For both honesty is the key.

Media Marketing

We can call this “The Enemy” of televisions. Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and many more, are the future. If you are not using Social Media platforms for business presence, you might lose your market.


If done correctly, email marketing is the best and cheapest way to grow business and brand rapport with customers. But a small mistake could be harmful too.

White Lable SEO

It is always beneficial for every business to share workload. We respect business policies and work with ethics. We are small in size but great in ethics.

Hire our Experts

We are open to sharing our resources with you. You can hire our team on a monthly basis. You can assign tasks directly and we monitor the team member on your behalf to assure work must be done on time.


Organic SEO Bring More business than paid advertising

Business coaches and experts suggest website promotion on search engines through search engine optimization (organic SEO) because they believe this is a reliable and cost-effective way to promote business online. It is very important to know about your audience and potential customers before starting an online advertising or marketing campaign. For example advertising with Instagram is less profitable for Sandstone B2B Suppliers, exporters or mine owners. while it works well for Retailers. Though paid advertising on social media platforms like Facebook, Google, or Instagram is a good option for a short period of time, in long term it cost high. PPC advertising means you pay for every click. In the beginning, you start with a small budget, and it also seems low cost and beneficial. With time we realize that we are paying a very high price for unwanted visitors. Search engine optimization or organic SEO is the best way to get more website visitors at a low cost for long-term B2B business.

Simple design & Strong SEO

Respect your Visitors - They are Busy

Customers do not have time to see your website design only, they want accurate pieces of information, related media and an easy customer journey. So experts always suggest keeping design simple or minimal with prioritizing the essential. Search engines advise the same so that they can easily list your pages in search results. Content with keyword stuffing can disappoint customers.

Before hiring a seo expert or digital marketing agency, we suggest you to read this article on Google Advanced SEO Guidelines about keyword stuffing.

Digital Marketing Company based in Pink City Jaipur, India

Result-Oriented Low Cost Digital Marketing Services for your Business Development

We are a digital marketing agency based in Pink City Jaipur with more than 10 years of website design, development and promotion experience. We are a top ranked digital marketing company. We offer low budget but result-oriented digital marketing services. We have a dedicated team of skilled digital marketing experts. All experts are certified and experienced in digital marketing, content writing and website development. Our team is very hard working, loyal and sincere so gave the best to every challenge to bring the best results. As an oldest digital marketing agency based in Jaipur, we can offer cost effective digital marketing services to all industries such as natural stone industry, travel and hotel industry, handicraft, educational organisations, NGOs, all kind of service providers, textile manufacturers, small home based businesses etc.

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